Bo Franki founded Highland Lakes Quality Casting, Inc. in 1973. Still the owner, he enjoys coming to work every day ---- Helping to insure his customers get the very best product and service possible.

  Bonnie, Bo's wife, serves as the financial manager.

Andy Nesrsta is the General Manager and also serves as the main liaison between customers and manufacturing.  Andy is also the main contact for all of your new business inquiries.  You can reach Andy at:

  Mark Cravens is the Plant Manager and Quality Systems Manager.  Mark is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the plant and also very helpful fielding questions from customers dealing with engineering and deliveries.
  Mark Magee is our Production Systems Manager.  Mark is responsible for scheduling production as well as implementing and maintaining required business systems and improved technological capabilities.    
  Val Howard is the office manager for "Highland". She makes sure all the "i's" are doted and the "t's" are crossed, helps answer the phone, and makes sure everyone gets taken care of.  
  As always, we invite your questions and/or comments and you are always welcome to call or come by to discuss your specific business requirements.    
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