Mission Statement

We, the employees of Highland Lakes Quality Castings, Inc. make a commitment to each other, our customers, our suppliers, and our community, that we will work together as a team utilizing the principles of continuous quality improvement for the benefit of all. For us, this extends beyond providing the best quality possible in every aspect of our business and includes the following

  • A commitment to provide our customers with superior products and distinctive service that will differentiate us from our competitors;
  • A commitment to create an atmosphere where internal and external customer-supplier relationships are continuously developed;
  • A commitment to empower the employees;
  • A commitment to create mutual trust, understanding and communication among all employees and departments;
  • A commitment to develop loyalty among employees through group cooperation and team effort;
  • A commitment to provide an atmosphere where positive attitudes, morale, and pride of workmanship flourish;
  • A commitment to provide excellence through continuous employee training and education;
  • A commitment to provide a clean, safe environment for our fellow employees and our community;
  • We pledge continued support for these commitments.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Highland Lakes Quality Casting, Inc. to provide product and service to our customers that satisfies the following requirements

  • Fair and consistent pricing;
  • On-time, everytime, delivery per requirement;
  • Castings of exacting chemical property, physical characteristic, dimensional, and esthetic value;
  • Provide our customers with technical support through a communication network designed around rapid response time.



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