Listed Outside Services

   Full Service Machine Shop
   Tool & Die Shop
   Heat Treating
   Lab Testing
   Painting & Assembly

In order to get the best value for our customers, all outside services are subcontracted to shops who specialize in their respective fields


Quality Control

Quality system has been established, implemented and maintained in accordance with ANSI/ASQC Q9002-199


It is very important for designers and engineers to consider the application and function of an investment casting. Often time, the ability to relax certain tolerances is the difference between being a candidate for investment casting or not. Also, "over engineered" parts translate into lower production yields and high piece price. Normal tolerances are shown in the table below. Normal tolerances are tolerances that can be expected for production repeatability of all casting dimensions.
Linear Tolerance




up to1/2"



up to 1"



up to 2"



up to 3"



up to 4"



up to 5"



up to 6"



up to 7"



up to 8"



up to 9"



up to 10"






Mechanical Properties

Tooling is subcontracted. Normal lead time for new tooling is two to four weeks.


Lead time for a first article (sample approval) is 3-4 weeks after receipt of tooling. Lead time for production is 6 to 8 weeks. We can, however, expedite an order if need be.




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